Thank you for your interest in our registry!

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As you probably know, Dylan and I have been living together for quite a while, therefore we don't need a whole lot of "traditional" household registry items. Instead, we are asking for experiences or items that we can use together.


If none of these are quite your style, a contribution to help fund Katie's upcoming graduate study program or our honeymoon fund would be very appreciated!

How it works:

If you'd like to get something off of our registry, please mark that item as purchased on this spreadsheet:

Don't worry, we won't peak, and this will keep us from getting all of one thing!


Here are a few things we'd love:

  • Both of our computers are getting pretty old, Dylan would love to build our own computer (for my work/grad work and for fun!), if you'd like to help him buy parts, a Newegg gift card would be much appreciated.


  • When in wine country,taste some wine! Before we move away for grad school we'd love tasting experiences from your favorite winery as a gift.

  • If you'd like to contribute to our honeymoon or Katie's graduate study funds, please use Venmo @Katie-Michel-6