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My name's Katie, I'm the one behind the camera. I've been a photographer for half a decade and love photographing everything from weddings to wildlife. I've captured weddings, wineries, symposiums, graduations, galas, families, fiancees, and more. When I'm working on photography you can find me hiking the Pacific Northwest, gardening, and relaxing with some wine and my guitar.


About My Photography

My photography is all about celebration - celebrating you, your life and your moment. Getting your photo taken shouldn't be stressful, it should be fun, exciting and your chance to strut your stuff. My boudoir photos are centered on body positivity and trust, my weddings celebrate love between people of all orientations and identifications, and all of my portraits celebrate the moments we cherish on this crazy ride called life. Photo packages are flexible, so if you're an event venue or a college grad there's something for you. 

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